Thursday, June 11, 2015

Worlds Without Master #9!

I got to do the cover for Worlds Without Master's 9th Issue! 
It is born out of reading a bunch of Clark Ashton Smith for the first time. Boy that is some weird stuff. The fantastic realms that Dr Strange travels through as envisioned by Steve Ditko in his legendary run had to have been inspired by those stories.
It was one of the hardest things I've made, before the last hard thing I made anyway. It doesn't especially look like it, but if you could see the hundred discarded layers you might agree. I started off with a much more Richard Powers type of concept but it wanted to be something else entirely and took on it's own life. I had been up all night, it started to exert some dramatic pull on my consciousness, forming my decisions as to it's creation. I finished it at 5am. It was the first sunrise all nighter I have pulled since college. I felt shaky and drained and my speech was full of muttering and garbled pockets the next day. Now when I look at it I think I'm staring at some kind of twisted Yantra.

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