Friday, February 13, 2009

Fantastic Friday: Crypt Crackers!

The process "start to finish" on an ol'fashioned fantasy horror-hero image. I started with that really rough gesture, probably a bit too rough and could have used a couple more drafts before I worked to black and white, because the B&W is so confused. I tried to fix the B&W with some patterned tone, but that didn't quite work, so then I tried color, which pretty much also sucks. I think the B&W image is better, but there is something charming in parts about the color. What's funny is I actually thought I was saving time but not doing more drafts of the image, but i ended up wasting just as much time as I would have spent making the drafts fussing with it to get it to look somewhat satisfying! It proves once again that I need a solid foundation before I build the house, a solid cake before the icing, and a bit more patience before going to the fun little sticky details.