Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recent Life Drawings 5

 blind gesture drawing with red crayon on used paper

 blind gesture

 blind gesture

 15 minutes

15 minutes

Almost all the time, and especially for gestures, I use recycled paper from what the students have left behind. I just draw on the other side. I wonder if this counts as collaboration? In the case of the first drawing I would say indeed it does. I think there is also an element of collaboration in how the paper is treated, smudged or clean, surface broken or bent or straight, ripped or whole etc. If the drawing is real real light sometimes I'll just draw right on top of the existing drawing and see what happens.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday, April 09, 2011

New style fun

Doing some new Guy Davis inspired type of pen, ink and brush work and having lots of fun. I think this will end up being In issue 5  or 6.

comic practice collected so far

All the finished books to date. Just recieved the top one in the mail yesterday. The best coloring so far. The writing is pretty hard to read, its a little flowery and doesn't have the pro flow, the same goes for the storytelling (but it's better). The editing could be improved about 75% and I'm still battling a consistent look because I'm experimenting all the time. I'm confident that if I keep up the practice i'll get a product that i'll feel like getting behind and really promoting. Well at least I know my limitations, almost know what I want it to be like and am not afraid to put in the practice to get there. Sometimes I am afraid I will get stuck in the practice forever. I guess I don't let that slow me down or discourage me (very much) because I realize that it's (pretty much) my favorite part of it all anyway. I have 4 more issues at various stages of development right now and I don't have to do any part of it for any reason but my own entertainment, diversion and soul-letting. Cheers!