Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Diamond machines

More high school art

A proposed Midsummer Night's Dream poster? Or just Midsummer Night's Dream inspired? I can't remember. I know the central figure is supposed to be Titania. Probably wouldn't have flown because of the nudity.  Very super-"Cats-ish" with the faeries. I think the melting trees are an interesting touch. Still impressed that I pulled off the figures so well. Glad I never have to do all that Experimentation with hair textures again!

Poster for High School play.

I remember pouring over my Burne Hogarth for the face, and all the hands show my immersion in the work of Will Eisner. I used a crow quill pen for this one. I present it here for your amusement.

High School play poster

I think I was trying to evoke Nagel on this one. Very eighties styles are obvious. It's been at the bottom of boxes for about the past 20 years.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

62. Danger Patrol: Assignment: Neptune no.1


Drawn on my kids little chalkboard.

Dumb Tree-Thing that's been hanging around.

A desktop scrap that's been hanging around for a couple years. Decided to put it (and me) out of misery and get rid of it by torturing all of you with it. What is it? I don't care anymore. My desktop is jammed with crap like this that I'm going to purge in the next couple weeks. Oh joy. Whatever it is, was, or will be, I present for your diversion and amusement.

61. Danger Patrol: Assignment: Neptune no.1

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sidewalk chalk art festival. Autumn art thing.

Rain rain go away, it didn't. But everyone turned out anyway. I think it rained last year too. Used chalk pastels on this one.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

03 The Astonishing Adventures of the Handlers

03 The Astonishing Adventures of the Handlers: 03 The Astonishing Adventures of the Handlers
now available on Drive-Thru Comics!
For what it's worth, finally finished this doozy! Learned a LOT. In the process. Now onto some FINE ART and some more work in the HELLAS-sphere!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Handlers#3 pages

Im pretty happy with this output really, wish I could speed it up. Still writing and lettering.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day of Wrath

Have I shown this one before? I might have. Another test for a larger project. This is only a test.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Hearts Concept

I've thought about using this image for a few things over the last couple years. I'm hoping it can still migrate into a bigger project at some time.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Derivan Liquid Pencil

I'll be using some of this next term, I bought it to try it out. It's expensive. I want to justify spending the money and use it up. I've used it in three drawings so far and it's like thick acrylic ink with a really inconsistent flow and crappy length of line, basically a very serious constraint to butt heads with. I'm attracted to it because it promises (not sure if it delivers!) a chance to speed up laying in all that tone for that fine, soft modeled look. At least it will be a cool underlayer for a longer drawing...I'm going to go draw with it right now...

02 The Astonishing Adventures of the Handlers

Issue #2 is on drive thru Comics Now!
02 The Astonishing Adventures of the Handlers: 02 The Astonishing Adventures of the Handlers

Star and Dragon

Handlers 01 NOW on Drive Thru Comics!


'01 The Astonishing Adventures of the Handlers' is now live for sale on DriveThruComics.com

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Enemies of Man- Backdrop by Nate Marcel

For what it's worth I've been dabbling and banging on a guitar for about twenty years off and on. This is the first time I have made anything public of this sort in quite some time, for obvious reasons once you start listening to it. Funky, clunky and junky. Funny thing about music, it's a lot harder to forgive than the fleeting glimpse of a visual image. It's really easy to take things too seriously. This leads to either censoring the voice and/or creative output or assaulting unsuspecting ears and making people fear delivering an honest critique and dimming the paragon of character and smartness you may be in their eyes...in this case I'm sure I'm not my own worse critic...I've always found I can forgive the change in tempo, the off-key slant, the garbled vocal quality, the drop-outs and plosives, the muffled jangling crinkles of my crap a hell of a lot easier than other people may. I guess I've decided that it's a legitimate part of my creative output, and has been for some time so I might as well "own it" so to speak. WARNING: if you have sensitive ears and listening habits this may not be for you!
This is the last song I've recorded, it's from 2009 I really haven't written any other music for myself since then but I dream about it. "Enemies of Man" is the title of the demon. "Jaganatha" is the title of the project, and "Backdrop" is the title of the song.