Tuesday, July 26, 2011

38. Danger Patrol: Assignment: Neptune no.1

Handlers 3 Cover...revealed

Soon to fill the grey "placeholder" at
the Astonishing Adventures of the Handlers.com

Here is a bigger look-n-see file for your entertainment.
About half of the interior art is done for this issue. It all uses mixed media straight on the paper and will include minor digital tweaks and croppings in the final published form.

Friday, July 22, 2011

36. Danger Patrol: Assignment: Neptune no.1

Bloody Eye!!??

Accidentally ran across this site this morning. If anyone knows my work on the Fantastics:Tales of the Tele-Gods they will appreciate this CGI model...but more than that, the artists name! Now I didn't build it, but what a great little sychronic echo as I've been dreaming about the logistics of doing more editing on that episodic epic.

bloody eye here

Tele-Gods preview for old times sake here
(no bloody eye in this clip)
more tele-gods on the blog video bar.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Handlers Downloads available

5am...sleep deprived...the end of a long day. I think I've licked the basics of this thing. I am pleased with the results. I hope someone will test my handiwork (hopefully not handicap!)
Wow! Huge learning curve, but it paid off. Still looks pretty clunky (much like the comics!) but it will shape up as I add more content and get better at the programming part.
The important thing is that the links work. It's live and I figure since "here" is the only "where" I'm advertising it (until I get it sorted for sure) if you have a problem I'll just email you or give you the link or something until we get it sorted out...or I'll refund you the .78 cents! (but it's only guaranteed until delivery!)

The Astonishing Adventures of the Handlers.com

PS. Because of the Herculean efforts it has taken to push this through Danger Patrol: Assignment: Neptune no.1will be delayed.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Table situational studio

Finishing a page from the Handlers "Riders of the Tower".

Very rough elf ear

Decided to make a model of an elf ear to speed up drawing a bit and to make the form in my mind a little more clear. I like the ear size  right between anime and vulcan. Its a very rough model just so I can build the object in perspective.

33. Danger Patrol: Assignment: Neptune no.1

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back from Go Play Nw

...And I had...A great time!
Hope I can do it again next year. Next year I'd like to Gm something.. or somethingS. It was well worth the trip and my mind is brimming with new ideas for pictures and picture serials and game ideas and pictures for game ideas and serialized pictures based on game ideas...stay tuned.
Some highlights for me, (besides just your basic friendly easy awkwardness in getting to sit around a table and spill your imagination with and at strangers) Play testing Eric Boyd's "House of Cards" heist game where I played an alcoholic Sinatra Music agent/producer making things hard for the rest of the team by kidnapping the mark in a limo behind a shield of Paparazzi; Another highlight was trying out the new Gamma World (picture of my character pending) and then playing a long session of John Harper's Lady Blackbird which I fully enjoyed and want to read/see/ (make(?)) as a graphic novel someday, it's perfect story material for that. Also the largest (10 player!) Dungeon crawl I have ever been part of was fun and interesting, it moved along, incurred death by inter-killing, and was used using death frost doom, hosted by, in my opinion, the best dungeon illustrator I've seen, Tony Dowler. To top it all off I was able to worship at the feet of the great Gygax, playing the game that started it all (for me) AD&D, which was perfectly, loosely (perfectly loosely) and smoothly DM'd, with a full party in a 3 hour slot with some/lots of story, a two level dungeon and a full party! Imagine THAT! I think it kind of extolled the virtue of the system, even while incurring all of the same eye-rolling and deriding that the rules have deserved, and reminded me of all of the tweaking and house-rulings we used to use. Of course, like I said, we hand waved some of the more sticky areas, but over-all it was a pretty accurate play that was fully fun.

As icing on the cake, I found a comics shop around the block from my hotel and bought a copy of the whole Jodo-Moebius epic "The Incal" and read all 300 pages virtually without interuption waiting for the train and on the train. I finished the last page as we pulled in to the station! Amazing!

I suspect there will be lots of good art-shrapnel to come out of this little mind-grenade! But my first order of business is getting back into and finishing this Danger Patrol crazy-comic which I'll probably make available through Ka-Blam when I'm done so that if anyone wants a hard copy they can have one. Just so you all know I only have the first part of the adventure scored with brush and ink, which means the whole adventure is only halfway done and I may never get to the second part... we shall see.

Cheese and Beers!

PS. I ran across this great essay on boxes that I liked.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

27. Danger Patrol: Assignment: Neptune no.1

Note from the editor: Typo fixed in #24! Thanks to all of you who wrote in concerned! ...and no we aren't talking about the color!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

10 man pt skyboat *in color*

Boy Howdy! What a complicated form in perspective! I don't know if I could ever get it completely right, when I drew it I tried to keep a kind of fluid, rollicking line spontaneity, but when I threw color on it, that line quality got lost for the bigger shapes that asserted themselves in color. This seems to happen quite a lot in my work, the black and white is so forgiving, but the color - even if it is good - betrays what the fundamental structure lacks....