Thursday, July 21, 2011

Handlers Downloads available

5am...sleep deprived...the end of a long day. I think I've licked the basics of this thing. I am pleased with the results. I hope someone will test my handiwork (hopefully not handicap!)
Wow! Huge learning curve, but it paid off. Still looks pretty clunky (much like the comics!) but it will shape up as I add more content and get better at the programming part.
The important thing is that the links work. It's live and I figure since "here" is the only "where" I'm advertising it (until I get it sorted for sure) if you have a problem I'll just email you or give you the link or something until we get it sorted out...or I'll refund you the .78 cents! (but it's only guaranteed until delivery!)

The Astonishing Adventures of the

PS. Because of the Herculean efforts it has taken to push this through Danger Patrol: Assignment: Neptune no.1will be delayed.