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The Exquisite Corpse Dungeon [feedly]

I recently had the good fortune to take part in making this fun thing!

The Exquisite Corpse Dungeon
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TheExquisiteCorpseDungeon-CC BY-SA 4

If you've been following the project and the discussion over on Google+ this past month, you may have seen some of the discussion going on about the Exquisite Corpse dungeon, or you may have caught one of a number of excellent mapmaking artists mentioning their participation in this project.  But there's been little to see.  But now, earlier this week, the last of the twelve segments of this dungeon was completed, and the whole thing has been put together to yield this rather amazing map.

This has been a remarkable project. Many of your favorite artists creating maps and dungeons and maps for games got together and produced this massive collaboration. This is a dungeon made up of 12 segments, each drawn by a different artist, who knew nothing about what had been done before other than the last little bit of the preceding segment that someone else had drawn and that they were connecting to.

As it was spelled out at the beginning, an Exquisite Corpse is a blind collaboration project, where each contributor knows little to nothing about what has already been done on the project, and only has a few threads of connection to use as their starting point. Most of the artistic exquisite corpses I'm familiar with run just 3 or 4 contributors, so the 12 person version is quite an undertaking. What has struck several of us about it, already, is how some elements seem to carry through in areas, although none of it was coordinated or pre-planned.

Each contributor was asked to draw a segment of a dungeon 30 squares wide by 12 squares tall.  They knew nothing about what had been done before, other than that each of them was given was a copy of the bottom row of the previous segment (so they knew where to make the connections).

It's been a lot of fun having this group collaborate in this way, and everyone has been dying to see what the whole thing looks like. But, of course, it's been necessary to keep it under wraps until it was done. It was worth the wait, and the excitement has been building leading up to this.

Thanks, once again, to all who participated in this project. It turned out magnificently.


There are a couple larger versions of this, if you want to have a closer look. A full-height PDF (36 inches tall) is pretty sizeable (over 8Mb).
[Full height download PDF TheExquisiteCorpseDungeon-CC BY-SA 4]

There is also a 3-page version which breaks the dungeon, but which should fit on regular 8-1/2″ x 11″ or A4 pages.
[3-page download PDF TheExquisiteCorpseDungeon-3pg-CC BY-SA 4]


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