Friday, March 07, 2014

Science Fiction Art Calling Card

I thought I would turn this image into a business card of sorts. For some reason I've been compelled to draw some sci-fi stuff this week, some reasons might be finding the work of Kow Yokoyama or just the need to stretch my image-legs a little, also robots and spaceships are cool.
I like this robot a lot and I should try to draw it again. It's sort of Robby the Robot meets "Hector" the Robot of Saturn 3 ( probably the most frightening robot I remember seeing when I was a kid.)
The inking and the symmetry is a little rough, which I find is easy to get away with and something I actually TRY to build into my pictures when I'm doing fantasy stuff, but it doesn't  have the same appeal when I'm trying to describe metals and plastics. Also the separation of subjects in the picture planes is a little rough, maybe even a bit confused, something that could be mitigated with color or even greyscale, but I'm going to xerox them so Oh well.