Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tentacle attack

Starts off as a bitty-little thumbnail in the sketchbook that keeps catching my eye as I flip pass.

Woke up in the middle of the night and while everyone was sleeping, finished it. Another "Rock-Squid" and another with the same "approaching the temple" character. pretty happy with it, although the "moment of action" is too still, it would be better to have taken "the shot" while the weight of the tentacle was gathering momentum for the down-swing. As it is, it looks like it has just come down and is now at it's slowest moment, lifting the tentacle's weight for the next swing. I guess the rocks flying around compensate a little, but not enough. The angle of the tentacle is just to sedentary. In the sketch it seems as if it is kind of twisting a bit, adding an extra path of action, which is much more dynamic. And if I could justify messing with it more I might give it a stronger direction of light. My main concern was with getting it to look like it was taking place in a dusty underground, without seeming artificial. Since the hero has two axes to wield, a torch sputtering on the ground might look cool, but probably wouldn't follow a "logical" course of assumptions - like fighting in the low contrast dark against a stone slab cracking reptilian tentacle does.