Friday, March 18, 2011

Double Page Suprise!

 This is the "finished" Image of a recent and fun double page spread I've been working on. I'll probably re-shoot it with a tripod, when I assemble everything for publication, but this is a close facsimile of what it will actually look like.

What follows is a quick document (for my own record since I really have a vague idea of the process I'm using as I try to find some kind of formula/standard that works as a good drawing but relies on as little digital coloring/ effects as possible. It's a fun quest and my greatest challenge is just drawing well and then not letting the drawing/content get overshadowed by the "painterly" aspect of the final result and the whole endeavor.) of the drawing process.
 Here is a sketchbook thumbnail. I actually did 2 of these and a scatter of goblin & steed drawings. Still pretty sure this wasn't the best composition. Should have done 6 different rough concepts, I'd bet that if I'd done that I'd have found a composition (and ultimately a painting/drawing) that I'd be a lot happier with.
 Transferred to the paper using blue pencil.
 Initial wash with some graphite. I think this stage is great. The pencil (especially the blue) starts to get lost though.
 Tightening up and filling in the information with pencil. I think in this case I was using an 8b.
Darkening everything, bringing in white, more washes, tightening up the information and contours even more. The last stage  before focusing on individual features and working through the drawing from left to right on all the little stuff and then bringing everything together with some kind of mythical consistency.