Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life Drawings from 2-25-09

Last nights batch of life-drawings. Slop and wash. I've been doing so much smaller work, in sketchbooks or on the computer, that it felt great to draw big and expressive again. The students always seem to get new ideas from watching these pieces come together. It felt really cold working, I think in about another 3 or four straight hours I would have warmed up and made something astounding....such is the pain of shorter sessions, and such is the need to warm up on your own before class, just for this reason I started off the term sweeping the studio before class and that helped. I noticed with just that slight practice of "sweeping the dojo" I was given an edge and the room felt good for everyone. - speaking of cold it snowed again last night. I woke at 3am and looked outside. Then I couldn't go back to sleep so I stayed up and read more of Will Eisner's "Shop Talk" A great great highly recommended read.