Sunday, November 23, 2008

(?) Symbolist. 1999 (?)

-This image is taken from a dubious 4"x6" kodak print on Royal Paper from "Wolf Camera."

I cannot remember the title of this painting. Oil and around 24" x 48"(?.) The date at the bottom of this is very wrong. I'm not entirely sure of the date, but I know it's not 1990. Im guessing 98-2000'.
I believe this is the only surviving document of this piece. I sold it, or put it on consignment ( I don't remember now) to some antique dealers and I'm sorry to say they both passed away. I have no idea what happened to it.
It is in a very obtuse surrealist-cartoon/code-symbol style that I played with for something like a year. The composition is created with very minimal overlap where both perspective and depth cues are reduced to their most belabored and self conscious points.