Sunday, October 19, 2008

2 for Sunday

I've been kicking around this stupid thing since 1994 or so. I burnt it yesterday morning and put it (and myself) out of any kind of post-human embarrassment. I figured that if I've hung on to it this long it deserves at least a parting mention.
It was drawn with felt tip marker at various stages. It could have been even years in between the times I worked on it, but all done before I started attending college in 1995. It's done on the inside corrugated cardboard round sheet of a take out pizza, the frozen kind you find at the store, with those beautiful round cardboard trays you wish you had some use for.

Another battlefield. Oil Paint, painted over an old Sysphus painting. More war paint. We've been at war now for 7 years(?) Giant Oil tank overshadows the grave.