Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weight Watchers Watch Worker

Ok. A slightly interesting story behind this scrap. When I finished up college I had a pretty miserable job at a consumer research establishment. I wore several hats in that company, one of which was doing on the spot surveys inside other establishments. In this case a familiar "American-Cuisine" Restaurant. I showed up with my little clipboard during peak restaurant time and had to hang around feeling awkward, going from table to table asking the patrons if they were A. Ordering off of the Weight Watchers Menu. B. What they were ordering and C. (if they met my quota criteria) Would they, "please fill out this quick (15 minute) survey for"- what I think was a free Weight Watchers dessert. Misery. To mentally escape my fate I started these parts of the "Watch-Workers" during one of my dinner breaks with one of those tiny golf pencils. The drawings turned into cool animated creatures featured for a couple seconds in the Tales of The Tele-Gods Prologue. Until I dug this gem up, I didn't remember there being a connection between "Weight Watchers" and "Watch Workers" but there must be as I played the elaborate escapist creative naming-game. Someday I'd like to visit those dangerous creatures again...The Watch Workers...not the patrons.