Friday, September 24, 2010

The Handlers Web Comic Begins!

I woke up at 4am this morning and started to work on the Handlers Web-Comic. I plan on publishing sporadically, just as I do with WXF. I really have no reason not to, and all the reason to believe that perhaps all the hard work will reach at least two or three more people. I plan to publish the pages on paper once enough pages are collated to form a book!
I have almost all of the pages for an "issue #1" inked and colored and now I'm just in the process of plugging in words. I have the feeling I will add some new material as time goes by lest the old stuff gets boring and stale, that said, these pages could come out faster than WXF, which is now on it's 13th strip and I'm plugging away at #14, the 2nd "Sunday" page!
I am excited about finally showcasing some of this new Handlers color work, and I plan on letting it get really wild. I also am starting the whole Saga from the very beginning, and taking plenty of artistic license and embellishments to make it as apocryphal from the original adventures as possible. If it makes it to a couple thousand pages I hope it will link up smoothly with the older "episode" books that are now in print.

Yet another project from the host of my scattered forces dear reader, but one I hope you will enjoy.
Reach it here: The Astonishing Adventures of The Handlers Awaits!