Monday, May 03, 2010

Handlers 31 Sneak Peak

I'm finally done with the 36 page Handlers #31 book which represents an entirely weird and wonderful creation arc and learning curve. I started it almost seven or eight years ago and the first half of the book represents the struggle to master the medium while experimenting. Some of the pages were lost and all that survived were crappy scanned copies of pencils that I thought would look cool, but really didn't. Some was done without any pencils at all. Some was inked in ball-point pen. Some was literally cut apart and then pasted back together. Almost everything was done quickly, on the fly and you can physically see - before your very eyes - as you turn the pages the quality of draftsmanship ship getting better and better, not only the consistency of the inking (which evened out to an industry standard Windsor series seven) and then picked up with the last 2 pages + the cover done within the last couple months to fill out the book. So I present this page in celebration of finally getting it done. Now a walk to the post-office and out to the printers!